Advice Sheets

Here you will find a list of our advice sheets which we hope you will find useful. If you require a printed version of a particular advice sheet please contact the PR & Communications Team and we will be happy to send a copy in the post. 

  1. Assignment of Tenancy

    Assignment of Tenancy Front Page

    Assignment of Tenancy Advice Sheet

    If you wish to transfer a Golding Homes property from the existing main tenant to another one then this Advice Sheet will help you.

  2. Buying your Flat

    Buying Your Flat Front Page

    Buying Your Flat Advice Sheet 

    If you are thinking of buying your flat please read our Advice Sheet.

  3. Communal Areas

    Communal Areas Advice Sheet

    Communal Areas Advice Sheet 

    Our Advice Sheet explains why it is important to keep communal areas safe and clear of obstructions.

  4. Condensation & Mould

    Condensation and Mould Front Page

    Condensation and Mould Advice Sheet

    This advice sheet gives helpful hints and tips on how to reduce condensation and mould within the home. 

  5. Fire Safety

    Fire Safety Advice Sheet

    How to reduce the risk of fire and the action to take should a fire occur. Please also read our Fire Regulations FAQs.

  6. How to Leave your Home

    How to leave your home

    How to Leave your Home

    Moving Home? Read our guidance on how to leave your home. 

  7. How to prevent maggots

    How to prevent Maggots Advice Sheet front

    How to prevent Maggots Advice Sheet 

    Find out how to prevent maggots from appearing in your rubbish bins.

  8. Inappropriate Behaviour

    Inappropriate Behaviour

    Inappropriate Behaviour

    We hold a Risk Register which we use to hold detail's of tenants that have acted inappropriately. Find out more by reading our advice sheet. 

  9. Ineligibility for accommodation

    Ineligibility for Accommodation Front Page

    Ineligibility for Accommodation Advice Sheet

    Golding Homes has a policy whereby we can refuse to offer accommodation to enable us to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour. Our advice sheet sets out the policy in an easy read format. 

  10. Making improvements to your home

    Home Improvements Advice Sheet 1st Page

    Making improvements to your home Advice Sheet

    Assured Golding Homes' tenants are able to make improvements to their home. Read our advice sheet for guidance. 

  11. Pets

    Pets Advice Sheet Front Page

    Pets Advice Sheet

    If you would like to keep a pet then we ask that you complete a Pet Application Form. Our advice sheets gives you guidance on which pets are acceptable to keep in a Golding Homes property.

  12. Rent Payment Advice Sheet

  13. Sheltered Accommodation

    Sheltered Accommodation Advice Sheet

    Sheltered Accommodation Advice Sheet

    Are you eligible for Golding Homes Sheltered Property?

    - Aged between 50 – 54 and have a high support need and/or disability

    - Aged over 55 with a support need

  14. Succession


    Succession of Tenancy

    Succession is when the tenancy of a home is transferred to someone else on the death of the main named tenant. 

  15. Tenancy Audits

    Tenancy Audits

    Tenancy Audits

    We carry out regular tenancy audits on our homes to check that the people living in the properties are the rightful tenants. 

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