Be a good neighbour

Lady & girl on sofa readingAs a resident of Golding Homes it is important that you do not cause nuisance to your neighbours. However we know that sometimes this can be caused accidently. 

Below are some examples of how to be a good neighbour:-

  • If you are having problems try to speak to your neighbours; many small problems and irritations can be sorted out if you are on friendly terms with them e.g. agreeing times when music can be played.
  • When speaking to your neighbour try not to shout or lose your temper as this can make the situation worse and could possible lead to action being taken against you. 
  • Please try to reduce music / tv noise, especially between the hours of 11pm and 7am.
  • Give your neighbours advance warning if you are planning a party which might not finish until late.
  • Limit any building work or DIY noise to reasonable hours during the day to cause the least disturbance.
  • Don’t fit hard flooring surfaces if you live in a flat (some tenants are prohibited by their tenancy agreement in doing this).
  • Don't dump rubbish and/or unwanted articles in gardens, yards, alleyways or on the street. It looks unsightly and can be a health hazard.
  • Be aware that the actions and behaviours of visitors to your home will reflect on you as a resident.
  • Smoking cannabis is a breach of your tenancy and could lead to you being evicted but also has a strong impact on your neighbours
  • Control your pets, especially dogs.  It is your duty to control the noise they make when they bark and to clean up any mess. Please also try to consider whether your neighbours might be intimidated by them or the noise they make running around the home. Please refer to our Pets Advice Sheet to find out more information on our pet policy.