Difficult paying your water bill?

If you are finding it hard to pay your bills and are on a low income, you may be in ‘fuel poverty’. Some suppliers have organised special reductions for people in ‘fuel poverty’. These schemes and tariffs are deals for vulnerable customers and ‘fuel poor’ customers.

South East Water 

South East Water

If you’re having difficulty paying your water bill, you can contact the Customer Care Team on 0333 000 2468, or email customer.care@southeastwater.co.uk

The range of special tariffs and support they offer are;

Social Tariff If you have a low income or are in receipt of specific benefits, you may be eligible for the new Social Tariff. If you’re successful, your water bill will be capped at the fixed charge for the year.

WaterSure caps your charges to our average bill. You could be considered for WaterSure if you are a metered customer in receipt of certain qualifying benefits, have either three or more children under the age of 19, or have someone in your home with a medical condition which means you use a lot of water

Helping Hand Social Fund is financial help if you’re in debt with your water charges. Helping Hand can help people clear their debt and start again.

Single Occupancy Tariff is available for those living on their own. If you think you are eligible please contact South East Water

Water Direct a third party deduction scheme administered by the Department for Work and Pensions. If you claim certain benefits such as Income Support, Pension Credit, Income-based Jobseeker’s or Employment Support Allowance, they may be able to take deductions straight from your benefits


Southern Water Southern Water

Contact Southern Water on 0800 027 0363 or email debtadvice@southernwater.co.uk

Southern Water has a number of schemes and tariffs which may help customers;

Essentials Tariff where our charges represent 5% or more of your household income (after deductions for housing costs) you maybe eligible for our Essentials Tariff which will give you a discount on your future bills

NewStart Scheme assistance for paying off debts while paying the current bill

WaterSure Tariff for people in need, on a meter and with large bills due to medical conditions or a large family

Water Direct for people receiving means tested benefits such as Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Pension Credit or Universal Credit, where payment is direct from your benefit.

Charitable Trust Fund is a registered charity. The Trust has been established to help people facing hardship and experiencing difficulty in meeting their water charges. The Trust can help reduce or clear existing water and / or sewerage debt – offering a ‘lifeline for debts’. In certain cases the Trust can also consider giving some help to provide household appliances.

Help for customers who are elderly or disabled

There is a wide range of services available to clients if they are elderly or disabled. Southern Water have developed a range of services to help;

Large print or Braille bills                            Talking bills

Someone to receive bills                            Reading your meter

Minicom and Type talk                                Home visits