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Our Stock Condition Survey Programme

Park Farm Ashford

We have begun work on our programme of stock condition surveys and will carry out a total of 1,200 surveys on customer’s homes by the end of March.

We understand that this might cause some concern with some of our residents so have compiled a list of commonly asked questions.

Q: What is a stock condition survey and why do you need to do one to my home?

A: It is a short survey of your home looking at the condition and age of the main components (kitchen, bathroom, heating system, windows, etc.) of your home.  We collect this information to help us plan how and when to most effectively repair or replace them. 
We will also be collecting information to help us calculate an energy rating (a SAP rating) to help us understand how affordable your home is to heat.

Q: Who will be doing the survey?

A: We have appointed a specialist surveying company called Rand Associates to carry out these surveys.

Q: How do I know the surveyor is who he says he is?

A: Each surveyor will have photographic ID from Rand Associates, and a signed letter of authority from Golding Homes

Q: What will the surveyor be looking at?

A: The surveyor will need access to all of your home, including a quick look in the loft space. He or she may take some photographs of the main components to help us better understand the condition they are in.

Q: How long will the survey take?

A: It varies depending on the size of your home, but 20 to 30 minutes is typical.

Q: Will I be able to report repairs to the surveyor?

A: The surveyor will not be able to record requests for repairs. Please call Golding Homes on 0300 777 2600 - option 2.

Q: Will the surveyor be able to tell me when I will get a new kitchen etc.?

A: Unfortunately the surveyor will not be able to share their opinions with you during the survey.

For further information please contact our Customer First Team on 0300 777 2600.