Preventing and solving anti-social behaviour

Graffiti ASBWe work to prevent anti-social behaviour by:

  • Supporting community safety programmes
  • Working closely with partner agencies
  • Organising joint operation days with police and other agencies
  • Funding programmes that improve understanding, tolerance and the environment you live in, and diversionary activities
  • Making your home as secure as possible

When anti-social behaviour does occur, we encourage our customers to try and solve the problem at an early stage by talking to each other. We also:

  • Refer customers to a mediation service so they can talk through the problem
  • Agree and jointly sign acceptable behaviour contracts with people who cause anti-social behaviour
  • Take legal action if necessary which could result in an injunction order or the people causing anti-social behaviour to lose their home

Witness support

If we decide to go to court we need evidence. As a witness to anti-social behaviour you can help us win this legal action. We understand and appreciate that being a witness to or victim of ASB can be traumatic. We will fully support you every step of the way through any court case.

Our leaflet Together we can make a difference has some guidance which you may find useful.