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A Helping Hand

Abul Case Study A Helping Hand

At the age of 52, Abul Talukdar is rebuilding his life – but he’s not been left to do it alone.

The structural engineer, forced to spend a year sleeping on friends’ floors or in his car after his marriage broke up, now has a place to live and a job he loves, thanks to Golding Homes.

“After I moved out I just sort of floated around, spending time in Manchester and here in Kent and generally just drifting,” he recalled. “I had nowhere to live, no focus and, as far as I could see at the time, not much of a future.”

Because Abul had been working for himself, from his former shared home in Maidstone, he also lost his source of income. “I had no base, nowhere to work from, so it all fell apart,” he explained.

Abul joined the waiting list for social housing and in May was offered a new one-bedroomed flat in Park Wood.

“Shortly after moving in I received a letter from Jenny Fairweather, Employment Adviser at Golding Homes, offering to help me find a job and update my CV,” he explained.

“Jenny reworked my CV, making it more focused and concentrated on the important bits that were more likely to catch the eye of a busy employer, and it worked. I sent it to an agency and they replied the next day offering me an interview.”

But that wasn’t the end of the support. “I didn’t have the kind of clothes that were likely to impress a potential employer,” said Abul. “So as well as helping me prepare for the interview, Jenny put me in touch with Golding Homes’ Dress to Impress project and they found me a suit so that I could look smart at the interview.”

The teamwork, and Abul’s own performance paid off when he was offered a job as a structural engineer. “I really enjoy working there and I have already been sent on a trip to New York to meet clients,” he said. “The flat and the job have helped put my life back on an even keel and I can’t thank Golding Homes enough.”

“I am so pleased that I have been given the chance to rebuild my life,” he commented. “I have never known a landlord go so much further than simply providing homes and I am grateful for all the help I have received.

“The CV help was invaluable and I think more people should take advantage of it. When an employer is faced with dozens of CVs from people, you have to make sure yours stands out; it’s the only chance you have of getting to the top of the pile.

“I was in a desperate situation just six months ago, but that’s all changed. I have learned that Golding Homes don’t just offer people somewhere to live; they help them rebuild their lives.”

If you would like help with your CV, finding a job or access our Dress to Impress project please contact our Workwise Team.