Our number one priority is to deliver outstanding customer service and to be an organisation of choice for our residents. We aim to get things right first time and to do the simple things well in serving our customers. 

At the same time we are always looking at how we can improve our services and the information we provide for our customers.

We use variety of methods to gather feedback and monitor our performance.

  • Service Standards 
    We have a number of service standards covering different areas of our business and we regularly monitor our performance against these standards.
  • STAR Survey 
    Each year we send out a customer survey to find out what our residents think about the services we provide.
  • 17-18 Annual Report 
    Highlights our keys achievements over the last year, our performance and how our budget is spent
  • Value for Money Assessment 2016 2017
    It is fundamental to the achievement of our strategic objectives that we achieve value for money in all aspects of our activities.

Financial Statement

View a copy of our Annual Report and Financial Statements to see information detailing our financial strength.