Gas Services

As your landlord we have to make sure that all gas appliances, fittings and flues that we own and you use are safe.

The law says that at least every 12 months we need to arrange safety checks on each gas appliance and flue by a gas installer who must be on the Gas Safe Register (new window). When undertaking the annual gas safety check if an appliance you own is deemed to be unsafe we are legally bound to disconnect it. Once disconnected it is the responsibility of the tenant to arrange repairs or replacement of the appliance. Repairs should be carried out by a fully qualified gas installer

All operatives carry identification confirming their Gas Safe registration which you may ask to see. We must then issue you with a copy of the safety check record within 28 days.

These safety checks are so important that the tiny minority of residents who don’t let us carry them out are taken to court, sometimes resulting in eviction. We cannot risk the safety of our residents or their neighbours. 

Golding Services undertake the vast majority of safety checks and installation works on Golding Homes properties. If we have tried to contact you to arrange your annual gas safety check, please ensure you call us back as soon as possible. You can call us on 0300 777 2600, or local rate 01622 212600 (option 2).

Here are a few of your frequently asked questions:

Which equipment is covered by the annual check?

We will carry out a gas safety check on every gas appliance provided by the organisation, generally gas fires and boilers. We will not check appliances which you own, but we will check any flue or chimney which services your appliance. This means that we may have to disconnect and service the appliance to check the flue or chimney. We will, of course, refit your appliance after testing.

Can I take responsibility for these duties?

No. It is a legal requirement for us to undertake the service and we have appointed contractors from the Gas Safe Register to do this at no cost to you.

Must I allow access to the property for safety checks?

Yes. Under your tenancy agreement you must give us access to carry this out. We have a lawful duty to do the safety work.  If we are refused access after repeated requests we will reluctantly take action through the courts. This could result in you losing your home if access continues to be denied. The costs of any legal action necessary are payable by you.

How do I know whether the gas installer is on the Gas Safe Register?

Before we take a contractor on we always check that they are on the Gas Safe Register, the national watchdog for gas safety in the United Kingdom.  If in doubt please check with us by calling us on 0300 777 2600.

What if an appliance fails the safety check?

The safety check record will contain details of any defects together with any action taken to remedy them at that time. Any defects on appliances owned by us will be put right free of charge and as soon as possible. It is an offence to use, or allow the use of, a gas appliance you know to be unsafe. Never reconnect an appliance that you have been told is unsafe, or which has either been isolated or disconnected for safety reasons.

What action do I take in the event of a gas leak?

If you smell gas or suspect there is a gas leak, you should immediately shut off the gas supply at the meter, open windows, extinguish naked flames, do not use electrical switches and call the Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

I have not seen a copy of any safety check record - what should I do?

Call us on 0300 777 2600 and ask us to send you a copy of the safety check record.

What must I do if I have a gas appliance, flue or other fittings I own?

Residents are responsible for the maintenance of appliances, flues and other fittings they own. To make sure you and your family remain safe from the possible dangers, follow these simple steps to gas safety:

  • Ensure new or replacement gas appliances, such as a cooker, are installed or removed by a Gas Safe register installer
  • Ensure appliances are checked for safety annually by a Gas Safe registered installer
  • Be cautious when buying second hand appliances. Do not save on safety
  • Never be tempted to DIY with gas