Home Swapping Tips

If you are looking to carry out a mutual exchange and want to advertise your home then follow some of our tips below to show your home off to potential swappers. You can also read HomeSwapper's Top Tips and advice on how to add photos.

1.    Photos – 9 out of 10 swaps that happen are because there are photos! 

Photos are extremely useful in getting people to look at your advert. Properties without photos are often passed over and ignored. If you need assistance with taking/uploading your pictures please contact us and we will be able to help you.

  • Start with a photograph of the front of your property. Try to take this on a bright day if possible, remove any vehicles that are parked on the driveway and clear away any debris including children’s toys.
  • Take a photograph of every room. Open the curtains and blinds and turn on the lights. Try to take the photo so that the whole room is captured so that the layout can easily be seen. People can then visualise their own furniture in that room. Avoid shooting into mirrors as your image will reflect.
  • Remove any rubbish bins and ensure that toilet seats are down in bathrooms
  • Tidy up each room, removing toys, etc to show the space in the room; you can put them back once the photo has been taken
  • Put away any dishes or washing up, and make the beds. 
  • Try to take a photo that is in focus and straight. Photos that aren't focused correctly won't catch anyone's attention. 
  • Make sure people or pets aren't in the photos. It's about the room and the space, nothing else. 
  • Lastly, take a photo of any outside space, whether it is a private or communal garden.

2.    Additional details

Give as much detail as possible about your home and the area that you live in.

  • Does your home have a large garden, light living area, double bedrooms?
  • Are you close to local amenities such as shops, parks, schools?
  • Are you close to the local bus route?

3.    The home you want

Be specific. If you are only interested in properties that have off-street parking then put that in your advert. This will save a lot wasted time looking at properties that don’t suit your needs.

4.    Reply to messages

It is important to reply to every message you receive, even if it is to say that you are not interested. If people look at your advert and see that you haven’t replied to several messages they may not try to contact you.